Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Its a BOND

I LOVE this photo of the boys. I decided to keep this page very simple and just use a couple of colours.
Liam quite protective of his brother and this is showing in this photo.

Xmas Fun

As you can see from our photos we have packed quite a bit into our pre and post Xmas celebrations.
As my birthday is just before Xmas we decided to have our traditional city visit on my special day. The boys wanted to go ice skating so we headed off to Melbournes Ice house.
Its been a long time since I was on skates and it took a bit of time to get used to it again. The boys were lucky enough to be able to use the frame, something they didnt even have I was learning back in the old ages!
After about an hour of using it, they discarded it and off they went solo. We actually stayed alot longer than intended as they just loved the whole thing.
We managed to get to the casino for their light show, and we stopped for some lunch and then it was time to come home again.
I missed out on my chocolate shop visit yet again! We ran out of time last year too, so Barry has promised to take me to the local one. Im desperate for a chocolate fondue :D
We hosted our Mothers group party this year and fun was had by all. Owen won the pass the parcel :D
Christmas eve is  a traditional light visit for us. We have a favourite one, that we visit every year and it didnt disappoint again. Owen loves having a chat with the talking reindeer Buck.
We were lucky enough to have a visit from Barrys parents from Perth this year. We took them off to see the amazing
sand sculptures on Frankstons seafront. We always go and they were just as intrigued as we always are, at the magnificent creations.
We finished the trip off with some fish n chips by the beach, perfect.
We are on school hols now, so many more trips and treats to come.:D

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Xmas tree decorating

This years decorating the tree, was quite different to the ones before. It was the first time the boys did practically everything. We just had to sit back and watch. It was quite weird not guiding them where things should go, they decided themselves this year.
I was slightly sad as it means they are growing up and can make their own decisions. I guess I should be happy, but it felt like the end to something.
Anyway they did a good job and it was lovely to see their faces light up when they recognised some of their wonderful craft decorations they made at kinder and school. Honestly, some of them should be chucked but I just cant do it. I love them.
Bobs contribution to the festivities was to chew the branches of the tree and get put outside when he decided to chew a Santa!!LOL
It was so nice to hear Liam telling me about the time when he was 18 months old decorating the tree. He actually threw the baubles on the tree, instead of hanging them, and once he saw the lights on the tree, actually tried to blow them out! awww the memories.
As you can see from our photos, we have a gorgeous angel on the top of our tree., Hayley. She was named by Owen, after my dear friends baby daughter who sadly died four years ago.
We like to think of Hayley looking down on us and watching us celebrate Xmas. It makes us feel she is celebrating with us.
She will always be special to us at Xmas time.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Grade 2 - 2010

Yes youve, guessed Im a year behind. I have only just been able to complete this. Im soooo far behind.
This was last year, on the last day of term. I always try to get photos of the boys teachers with them and do a page for them to remember their treasured teachers.
I must remember to take my camera with me on the last day of this year too.
Owen was lucky enough to have the lovely lady in the photo this year. Both boys loved her to bits and I know they will always remember their time with her.
I spent alot of time in Liams grade too, as I was working as an aide and was lucky enough to work in his room. It was very interesting to say the least.
Watch out for this years teachers page next xmas lol!

Bob is 4 months old

Bob has reached 4 months, which is a miracle, seeing as he has really tested our patience in the last 2 weeks.
Has it only been 2 weeks, he has been a member of our family??
I cant believe it, it feels like hes been here forever.LOL
He has certainly made us realise he is here!!
He is beginning to learn to wee and poo outside and is calming down with the dogs, but he is certainly hard work. I now remember why we werent going to get a puppy!!LOL
He is worth it though, he is very lovable, when he isnt trying to be a T Rex!!!
I hope he learns quickly as I dont know how much mess my house can handle, its lucky he is cute, I can tell you!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekend away

We took one of our family weekend trips away this past weekend. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster.
The weather was really bad, wet, storms constently!!
That didnt stop the boys wanting to swim in the pool. It was a solar heated pool, but you wouldnt know it, as it was freezing. They didnt care they were in there whether it was raining or not! Crazy kids!
We decided to go to the local town for a treat at the bakery.
We had just ordered our cake and Owen, started complaining of pain in his side. Dad took him off to the loo, but returned with Owen doubled up in pain, and saying we needed to find a Dr.
Luckily we found a Dr and she decided that he probably just had constipation. She gave us some lovely enema medication!! we returned to our cabin and tried to administor the medication. He also was required to produce a wee sample. It was tested and found to contain protein.
Now we need to have further tests for that once we are home.
The rest of the weekend was a bit of a wash out. We had planned to go to a funpark with water slides but it just wasnt hot enough to go, so instead we went and picked up our new family member Bob.

Our new family addition :D

This is Bob. He is our brand new puppy. Isnt he cute?
He is only 3 months old and such a baby.
We know he has Border collie in him but we dont know what else he is crossed with.
This is our other Border collie cross corgi, Marley. He is now 12 years old and we got him from the same dog shelter we got Bob from. I guess you have realised why we named Bob, Bob LOL. It just seemed to fit.
We also have a Jack Russell, who is a very bad tempered girl. She really cant stand Bob and his puppy ways just yet.
We only brought Bob home yesterday and every time he walks past Bella, she growls at him, its become almost automatic! LOL
They WILL get used to each other.
Whatever, Bob is here to stay :D

Thursday, 3 November 2011

November workshops

Here the Kaszazz workshops the girls will be doing tomorrow night. Its the last workshop of the year :(. Everyone is too busy to make a workshop in December.
I love the stamps used in these workshops. I have a thing about little birdies and owls.:D
The photo in the scrapbooking page is a picture of my mum with 2 of her brothers, taken last year. Im not sure this is the right photo for this page as it doesnt really fit, but I like it anyway :D
I havent added any sentiments to the cards but I intend to.
:D Sal

Monday, 31 October 2011


Happy Halloween.:D
We dont really celebrate Halloween, its just a bit of fun.
This year I decided that we would make some Jac-o-lanterns. I went along to my local supermarket and was astounded at just how much 2 pumpkins cost!!! OMG we wont be doing this again next year!
Anyway the boys had so much fun with their dad scooping out the pumpkin flesh and making the spooky faces.
We lit them up tonight and put them in our windows.
They looked great as you can see. Surprise, surprise, we had about 5 knocks from Trick or Treaters :D
It was alot of fun. Hope you guys had fun too.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Kids workshop

Forgot to post these photos of what the kids made at my workshop.
They had a great time painting the body and head of the parrot. It was a pirate theme so we made these cute pirates that moved their arms and legs.

Its always so much fun and we all share lunch afterwards, while the kids play. I LOVE doing my workshops, hope the kids and mums enjoy it as much as I do :D

EB card swap

This is the card I have created for our monthly card swap.
We had a sketch to go by and it had to be spring colours.
I hope I have accomplished both :S
It was only a very small group this month, which is a bit sad.
Next month is our last for the year and of course its Xmas cards. I love making Xmas cards, so am hoping to get going with that really soon. :D

Thursday, 27 October 2011

My cuddly one :D

My youngest one, Owen has always been a very cuddly one. He has a special bear that he actually made. My bestie in the UK sent it for his 4th birthday and he fell in love with Ben as soon as he made him.
We had to stuff him and dress him.
Of course I just HAD to scrap him, being an important friend in his life. LOL

When I had completed this page and Owen had seen it, he immediately asked me to do a page of all of his friends.
This was quite a feat because he has so many, and of course they all have names. When he goes to sleep at night he has to set them all up in the right position so they can guard him at night time and scare the nightamares away.
It must be working as we havent had any bad dreams for over a year now :D
Owen is such a lovely little fella and I just love the way he clings onto some of his young ways, hope it lasts :D

Sunday, 23 October 2011


We all went to Scienceworks today to visit the Dinosaur exhibition. It was a glorious day. The boys were very interested to see the animatronic dinosaurs and found the whole experience really amazing.
We then went to see the Planetarium, where you lye back in your seats and watch the night sky. It is pretty incredible.
Owen in particular was very curious about the whole thing, and we had lots of questions afterwards.
Outside they had some schools participating in a solar car/boat competition which was really good to watch.

A really good family day had by all. I love these sorts of days. There are some great memories formed on days like these :D

Heres the link if youd like to visit :D

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Aww Brothers

Was just thinking today as I finished the `mates` layout above, how lucky I am to have 2 such beautiful boys :D
There is 2 and 3 months difference between them, exactly. They were both born on the 1st of the month.
They have always got on so well together, and when they do disagree, its only for a few minutes, then they are back to being best of mates.
They play together for hours, making up imaginary games with Lego, or play acting a scene from a movie etc.
Its so nice to see that they really enjoy each others company so much. Owen really doesnt know what to do with himself when Liam just wants to read. He usually comes and bugs his Mum!!LOL
I am so proud of them and how they are growing into wonderful young men.
I really hope they continue to stay such good mates in their adult lives.
Love you so much my beauties XXXXX

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Yes we had to endure this!! I went with 3 kids to watch this. The kids thought it was just great, especially with their scratch and sniff cards!!
Im sorry but I just found it plain boring. It was just about bearable :S
Aw well as long as the munchkins are happy thats the main thing right?

Awww so cute

Aww look- how cute!
This is what happens most mornings in our house. Our gorgeous dog Marley always lies outside the boys door waiting to do his duty and wake them up.
Poor old thing, who is now 12 years old, is finding it slightly difficult reaching the bedside now, but he still wakes them.
Its soooo cute to watch as he tries to lick them to wake them.
Hes been doing this since they have slept in bed. When they are sleeping over somewhere else, he gets very confused LOL.
Just had to scrap this as its such a memory, that one day wont happen :(

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kaszazz workshops this weekend :D

These are the workshops that our little group will be making this coming weekend.
They are both Kaszazz workshops. I am a consultant and hold workshops once a month. If any of you are interested in attending or wanting a kit, let me know.

Do you recognise anyone in the scrapbooking pages?

Thanks for looking :D

Friday, 30 September 2011

Owens Prep teacher

This was taken last year at the end of Owens first Prep year.
I thought it a good idea to blur the teachers face, just in case.
She was a great teacher. She taught Liam in his Prep year too and they both loved her.
She left at the end of last year to have her first baby.
Owen still talks about her. :D

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lazy Holidays

I LOVE the holidays. The whole school day routine is gone for 2 whole weeks!!yippee. Its so nice to just do things whenever we feel like it, without sticking to a schedule.
I had, however, intended to do lots of scrapbooking pages, but so far  this is the only one.
These pics were taken at Cranbourne Botanical gardens last Summer. It was one of our rare family bike outings. Its a fantastic place for bike riding and now it has its new garden open, we really need to take another look.

Heres the link if anyone is interested:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Forgot to mention.......

My big news is that I have a job!!! Alot of you will know that I have been working as an Integration Aide in a local school. Well I was officially offered a contract, after a very scary interview on Tuesday.!!!!Yayyyyyyyy!!!
I love my work, some of the kids I work closely with are so very special, and I feel its a great priveldge to be able to work with them. The school and staff are fantastic.
The hours fit well with my boys and of course the big bonus is that I get paid all school holidays, but dont actually have to work!!! What more could I want.
Im soooo lucky.

EB card swap

This month the challenge was to make these gorgeous folded flowers. I had so much fun making them, not to mention using up alot of scrap paper. Im terrible at throwing anything away and will keep every little bit if I can, just to find a use for it. I managed to use alot on these cards. Im really happy with the outcome, I think they are very cute.
Stay tuned for next months swap and feel free to come over and join in the fun at EB in the card making section :D

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Heres the latest page. Its of when we went to Lakes Entrance.
We were all pretty active on this short break. Liam exercised his mouth mostly!!LOL
He has such a big gob!! I couldnt believe the photo of him with the wagon wheel!!
It was a wet weekend but it didnt stop us getting out and doing things, like crazy golf, go carting, going on the flying fox and bike riding. Its nice to get away for a short time, makes all the difference I reckon!

Last celebration for Owen

Phew at last we have come to the last celebration for Owens 7th birthday. It should have been last weekend but I couldnt book the Lasertag for him then, with it being fully booked. I had forgotten that it was the day before Fathers day. :S
So Friday night his mate Tyson came over for a sleepover.
The boys all get on so well. They watched a DVD together and then all went off to sleep.
Today another 2 friends arrived for us all to travel to the Lasertag place.
They all had so much fun, even Owens girlfriend Lil, who I was a bit worried about being the only girl, but she was just fine.
Afterwards we headed to Maccas and then home for cake a  quick play:D
Owen has had a birthday that has just about lasted a month.
Blimey in my day we were lucky if we got cake!!LOL

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Pirates page from kinder days

This is a page I did when owen was at Kinder. I will have to come up with a new one this year :D

Masterchef Owen- ( I won a prize for this layout :D)

Sorry the photo isnt the greatest. Hes making potato skins here with the assistance of his sous chef, Dad.
One time we ran out of potatoes, and so he created a new entree of `Bread skins` LOL. The same as the potato ones but using bread- well done master chef.


If you hadnt already guessed we are holding a
Pirates of the Caribbean party today for Owen who is turning 7 next week.
Youll never guess who is dressed as??? LOL all set with hairychest and all. Apparently pirates dont smile for photos :D
Owen was very involved with the baking this year. He made the treasure chest cake, and cupcakes, and decorated the biscuits, below.
He has become very interested in cooking and often cooks dinner with dad. I have some very cute pics of him in his chefs hat, Ill have to find one to show.

The boys have also made a `Pin the patch on the pirate` game. Dad printed it and they both coloured it, ready for the game.
Dad helped Owen design his invitation too, it has become a bit of a tradition in our family to design our own.
As you know I love to scrapbook everything and I usually include the invitation. :D

I think Mr Owen is going to have lots of fun this afternoon with all his mates from Mothers group.
Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy-
Wait for the next installment of his birthday, this isnt the only party for this lucky chap- love ya O xxxx

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Daniel RIP We will never forget you

I I like many Aussies have followed the case of Daniels disappearance,over the years.
We have all hoped he would be found safe and well, but deep in our souls we knew that would probably never happen.
We learnt yesterday that the person, if you can call him that, was arrested yesterday for Daniels murder.
I hope that Daniels family can now have some closure.
I hope I will never have to experience what those poor parents have gone through over the years.
It is my worst fear, losing a child and not knowing where they are. Are they alive or dead? I couldnt imagine anything worst.
Please hold your kids close and treasure all the time you have with them, it is soooo precious.
RIP Daniel

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Kaszazz workshop

This weekend is my workshop weekend. I hold one every month, with between 5 and 6 girls attending.
I love having a small group, it makes it much more fun.
This month we are doing this divine baby page.
It can be made in blue or pink. Seeing as I have no pink ones, I did a bluey LOL
We are also doing a card workshop which Ill load later on.

Sorry these photos arent that great. You cant really see all the detail.
This is my second baby, Owen, who is about to turn 7 :D