Friday, 30 September 2011

Owens Prep teacher

This was taken last year at the end of Owens first Prep year.
I thought it a good idea to blur the teachers face, just in case.
She was a great teacher. She taught Liam in his Prep year too and they both loved her.
She left at the end of last year to have her first baby.
Owen still talks about her. :D

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lazy Holidays

I LOVE the holidays. The whole school day routine is gone for 2 whole weeks!!yippee. Its so nice to just do things whenever we feel like it, without sticking to a schedule.
I had, however, intended to do lots of scrapbooking pages, but so far  this is the only one.
These pics were taken at Cranbourne Botanical gardens last Summer. It was one of our rare family bike outings. Its a fantastic place for bike riding and now it has its new garden open, we really need to take another look.

Heres the link if anyone is interested:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Forgot to mention.......

My big news is that I have a job!!! Alot of you will know that I have been working as an Integration Aide in a local school. Well I was officially offered a contract, after a very scary interview on Tuesday.!!!!Yayyyyyyyy!!!
I love my work, some of the kids I work closely with are so very special, and I feel its a great priveldge to be able to work with them. The school and staff are fantastic.
The hours fit well with my boys and of course the big bonus is that I get paid all school holidays, but dont actually have to work!!! What more could I want.
Im soooo lucky.

EB card swap

This month the challenge was to make these gorgeous folded flowers. I had so much fun making them, not to mention using up alot of scrap paper. Im terrible at throwing anything away and will keep every little bit if I can, just to find a use for it. I managed to use alot on these cards. Im really happy with the outcome, I think they are very cute.
Stay tuned for next months swap and feel free to come over and join in the fun at EB in the card making section :D

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Heres the latest page. Its of when we went to Lakes Entrance.
We were all pretty active on this short break. Liam exercised his mouth mostly!!LOL
He has such a big gob!! I couldnt believe the photo of him with the wagon wheel!!
It was a wet weekend but it didnt stop us getting out and doing things, like crazy golf, go carting, going on the flying fox and bike riding. Its nice to get away for a short time, makes all the difference I reckon!

Last celebration for Owen

Phew at last we have come to the last celebration for Owens 7th birthday. It should have been last weekend but I couldnt book the Lasertag for him then, with it being fully booked. I had forgotten that it was the day before Fathers day. :S
So Friday night his mate Tyson came over for a sleepover.
The boys all get on so well. They watched a DVD together and then all went off to sleep.
Today another 2 friends arrived for us all to travel to the Lasertag place.
They all had so much fun, even Owens girlfriend Lil, who I was a bit worried about being the only girl, but she was just fine.
Afterwards we headed to Maccas and then home for cake a  quick play:D
Owen has had a birthday that has just about lasted a month.
Blimey in my day we were lucky if we got cake!!LOL