Saturday, 27 August 2011


If you hadnt already guessed we are holding a
Pirates of the Caribbean party today for Owen who is turning 7 next week.
Youll never guess who is dressed as??? LOL all set with hairychest and all. Apparently pirates dont smile for photos :D
Owen was very involved with the baking this year. He made the treasure chest cake, and cupcakes, and decorated the biscuits, below.
He has become very interested in cooking and often cooks dinner with dad. I have some very cute pics of him in his chefs hat, Ill have to find one to show.

The boys have also made a `Pin the patch on the pirate` game. Dad printed it and they both coloured it, ready for the game.
Dad helped Owen design his invitation too, it has become a bit of a tradition in our family to design our own.
As you know I love to scrapbook everything and I usually include the invitation. :D

I think Mr Owen is going to have lots of fun this afternoon with all his mates from Mothers group.
Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy-
Wait for the next installment of his birthday, this isnt the only party for this lucky chap- love ya O xxxx

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