Sunday, 4 December 2011

Xmas tree decorating

This years decorating the tree, was quite different to the ones before. It was the first time the boys did practically everything. We just had to sit back and watch. It was quite weird not guiding them where things should go, they decided themselves this year.
I was slightly sad as it means they are growing up and can make their own decisions. I guess I should be happy, but it felt like the end to something.
Anyway they did a good job and it was lovely to see their faces light up when they recognised some of their wonderful craft decorations they made at kinder and school. Honestly, some of them should be chucked but I just cant do it. I love them.
Bobs contribution to the festivities was to chew the branches of the tree and get put outside when he decided to chew a Santa!!LOL
It was so nice to hear Liam telling me about the time when he was 18 months old decorating the tree. He actually threw the baubles on the tree, instead of hanging them, and once he saw the lights on the tree, actually tried to blow them out! awww the memories.
As you can see from our photos, we have a gorgeous angel on the top of our tree., Hayley. She was named by Owen, after my dear friends baby daughter who sadly died four years ago.
We like to think of Hayley looking down on us and watching us celebrate Xmas. It makes us feel she is celebrating with us.
She will always be special to us at Xmas time.

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