Saturday, 18 February 2017

Grade 5

This is my littleuns Grade 5 page. He isnt so little now, he just started High school! Im a bit behind with his school pages. Most of this page is Kaisercraft, a mixture of paper collections. I love the simple layout and the colours just compliment each other I think, the pink really pops.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Heres another page. I used Kaisercrafts `Party time` collection. It isnt an original page it came with the kit box that you can purchase monthly here Creative Kit club. The kits are amazing and i was lucky enough to get this kit as a gift :D

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Imagine you layout

This page I made for a challenge. It was a sketch challenge. I love this page, mainly because of the subject :D but also for the actual sketch. Its very unusual but also quite appealing. I used nearly all my rub ons. I hate rub ons so decided to go nuts and try to use them all but there are some left over. The challenge is over at Annas Craft cupboard if anyone is interested in taking part 

Card experiment

This card was a bit of an experiment. It didnt end up the way it should lol. I used Kaisercraft `Party` die cut balloons and the idea was to draw around the balloons with a marker pen like -this.
As you can see there isnt any lines around mine. I think it was just too difficult with the amount of balloons I had. I did, however use up more of my never ending scraps lol and you all know by now how much I love to do that !lol. I will have another go at the drawing part again soon

February card challenge

The card challenge this month was a sketch. It had to be bright colours - orange/yellow and it had to have a paper bow on it. I had so much fun making the paper origami bow- you can try it here
Im not sure Im entirely happy with them but they are growing one me. I used Kaisercraft and Kaszazz supplies. I do think that I need to get some more white ink though- the orange card is looking slightly too distressed lol.