Thursday, 27 October 2011

My cuddly one :D

My youngest one, Owen has always been a very cuddly one. He has a special bear that he actually made. My bestie in the UK sent it for his 4th birthday and he fell in love with Ben as soon as he made him.
We had to stuff him and dress him.
Of course I just HAD to scrap him, being an important friend in his life. LOL

When I had completed this page and Owen had seen it, he immediately asked me to do a page of all of his friends.
This was quite a feat because he has so many, and of course they all have names. When he goes to sleep at night he has to set them all up in the right position so they can guard him at night time and scare the nightamares away.
It must be working as we havent had any bad dreams for over a year now :D
Owen is such a lovely little fella and I just love the way he clings onto some of his young ways, hope it lasts :D

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