Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Xmas Fun

As you can see from our photos we have packed quite a bit into our pre and post Xmas celebrations.
As my birthday is just before Xmas we decided to have our traditional city visit on my special day. The boys wanted to go ice skating so we headed off to Melbournes Ice house.
Its been a long time since I was on skates and it took a bit of time to get used to it again. The boys were lucky enough to be able to use the frame, something they didnt even have I was learning back in the old ages!
After about an hour of using it, they discarded it and off they went solo. We actually stayed alot longer than intended as they just loved the whole thing.
We managed to get to the casino for their light show, and we stopped for some lunch and then it was time to come home again.
I missed out on my chocolate shop visit yet again! We ran out of time last year too, so Barry has promised to take me to the local one. Im desperate for a chocolate fondue :D
We hosted our Mothers group party this year and fun was had by all. Owen won the pass the parcel :D
Christmas eve is  a traditional light visit for us. We have a favourite one, that we visit every year and it didnt disappoint again. Owen loves having a chat with the talking reindeer Buck.
We were lucky enough to have a visit from Barrys parents from Perth this year. We took them off to see the amazing
sand sculptures on Frankstons seafront. We always go and they were just as intrigued as we always are, at the magnificent creations.
We finished the trip off with some fish n chips by the beach, perfect.
We are on school hols now, so many more trips and treats to come.:D

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