Saturday, 10 September 2011

Last celebration for Owen

Phew at last we have come to the last celebration for Owens 7th birthday. It should have been last weekend but I couldnt book the Lasertag for him then, with it being fully booked. I had forgotten that it was the day before Fathers day. :S
So Friday night his mate Tyson came over for a sleepover.
The boys all get on so well. They watched a DVD together and then all went off to sleep.
Today another 2 friends arrived for us all to travel to the Lasertag place.
They all had so much fun, even Owens girlfriend Lil, who I was a bit worried about being the only girl, but she was just fine.
Afterwards we headed to Maccas and then home for cake a  quick play:D
Owen has had a birthday that has just about lasted a month.
Blimey in my day we were lucky if we got cake!!LOL

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