Sunday, 15 July 2012

July EB card swap

Double dutch card fold.
This card opens at the bottom with the 2 flaps and the main pic lifts up. It was fun making them. Hoping the girls like them :D

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


These pics were taken last year. I have had a plan for them for a while but at last have managed to get it completed. Im not entirely sure I like it. I think the circle paper might be too pink for the layout- what do you think?
It was fun to do, though I used up lots of bits n bobs, something I always like to do :D
Punkins is what Owen has always called them, like alot of kids I guess LOL.

Kids workshop 2

This is what the girls made. Its not a great pic, but as you can see its a beaded wind chime. The kids loved making it and it took alot of patience on the mums side too :D
We did have some Fathers day cards too, but we all got so carried away with the other crafts we ran out of time. They got them to take home to make later on though :D

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Kids craft workshop

My boys are well into Superheroes at the mo, its a very well known fact in our group of friends :D
We had them all round today for our regular holiday craft day. Its always so much fun.
I wasnt sure about his activity though. I found a really cool website that allowed me to print out the patterns for free which was fab. Things that are free are always great arent they?
I made Wonderwoman and wondered why I had attempted it. It was darn fiddly. I was worried that the kids wouldnt be able to make them and get frustrated. Well the mums all banded together and we all managed to make them as a team :D
The kids were thrilled with the outcome.
I love the fact that with Wonderwoman you could choose to add her bust or not LOL
Well I never remembered her as flat chested so boobs it was :D
Love it.
Ill post what the girls made tomorrow :D
Kaszazz workshops for July

Heres the workhops we are going to complete on Sunday. I wasnt sure about the scrapbooking pages, wasnt keen on them really. Once made though I do quite like them, quite fun to make too with all the weaving.
Need a couple of girlie photos to add.
The card workshop was very easy, but I did modify it to be just blue. It was originally a multi coloured ink one but I prefer it just in blue