Friday, 22 February 2013

EB card swap for February

Baby cards

Well it was back in our card swap for the new year.
I set a sketch challenge for the girls this month. My cards turned out very simple. I quite like them although, they werent what I had envisaged.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Heres our skating expedition. We went for my birthday which is right near Christmas. We took a train into the city and had such a great time, we ended up staying there alot longer than anticipated.
Owen started off with the frame but after half an hour was skating like a real  professional :D

Priate Party

Owen had a pirate party for his 7th birthday. Well it was one of his parties, he ended up having about 3 :D
This was with all his mates from Mothers group. It was so much fun.

First Lost Tooth for O

Here our Owen with a gap! This happened when he was about 6 and a half. He was very proud of it!

This was when we all went and visited our local art gallery that is only up the road from our house. We had never visited before, sadly, as we have lived near it for 10 years!!! Recently they have added more sculptures so we should visit it again one day.
Mclelland Gallerywell worth a visit if youre ever in the area.
This one was a kit from my good scrappy friend over at Crafy cow. I love the papers and colours in this one. As you can see the boys were quite young in this photo. Liam about 4 and owen about 2 off to a circus party at a friends house :D

Latest Scrapbooking pages

This photo was taken quite a while ago. Ive been meaning to do this page for ages, but just havent had all the photos I needed. Liam was about 4 in this photo, but from the momment he could choose his favourite cuddly was `dog`.A friend of mine in Germany sent it when he was born. The special bunny mum gave him got discarded for `dog` LOL. Now though at the age of 10 he still loves it and now has a menagerie of favourites.