Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Xmas 2010 - yep a year behind :S

Was really trying to get a few pages done this morning but for some reason this one took me ages. I have no idea why, as I had no interruptions as the boys are out with Dad.
Its not even a complicated one, quick and easy was my aim.
Now I just dont want to bother with anymore today, my mojo has gone :(
Im pretty happy with this one though, even though it took forever

Friday, 20 January 2012

Finally finished !!

This is the gorgeous kit I got off my friend Clare over at
Crafty cow- see link on page- to right. Go over there and have a look at some of her creations, truely an inspiration :D
I love the colours of this page. I have added photos of my childhood holidays, to Cornwall and Wales, such memories
Thanks Clare

Monday, 16 January 2012

Photo a day challenge - day 17 Water

Whenever I think of water, just lately, I think of our newest family member. Bob LOVES water. I have never had a dog that will just lie in a puddle, actually roll in it! We have accomodated this by adding a small tub to our deck. Liam joined him one day, not sure Bob was very keen on sharing though LOL
The boys often go outside with him and play waterguns, its hilarious as he tries to catch the water.
He usually then comes into the house parading, dripping water everywhere :S
Love you Bob x

Photo a day challenge day 16- Morning

Heres a sunrise at the beach. I havent seen many of these lately, due to having kids and school holidays.
I used to love to get up early when i was backpacking around Oz and staying near the beach to watch the sunrise. It wws magic :D

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Photo aday - day 15 - Happiness

These 2 crazy kids are my happiness. Im soooo blessed to have 2 such wonderful boys in my life :D

Friday, 13 January 2012

Photo a day day 14 - Something youre reading

Im not a big reader. I have to find a book that grabs me on the first page or I havent got the patience to persist with it. I am the complete opposite to my husband as he can read 2 or 3 books a week!
My eldest son is similar to him, he loves books and the youngest is getting into them,
I am reading this though:

Liam has read this and thought it was great. I wanted to be able to discuss what he had read, and so decided to have a go at it. Its brilliant. Emily Rodda is an amazing author and of course she is Australian :D
I was lucky enough to hear one of her lectures recently on a school trip. She is a very interesting person and her books are just great. I would recommend her to any child or adult.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Photoday day 13 - In your bag

Im not one of those people that carry everything but the kitchen sink in their bags. I like to carry just the things I really need for my day.
I always have these 3 things in my bag though.

I always have a pen, make up bag,umbella, keys and tissues too. Thats about it, Im light weight compared to some of my friends LOL

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Photo aday day 12- Close Up

Well I will spare you a close up of myself, that would be way too scary :O
So heres a gorgeous photo my big boy Liams eyes.
He is often called Liam blue eyes and you can see why. This was taken quite a few years ago, but as you can imagine, he hasnt really changed that much. He still has lots of girlfriends who admire and swoon over him, and looking at these eyes, you can tell why cant you?
Love you Liam blue eyes :D xxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Kaszazz worshops

These are what Ive been working on all day.
The cards for this weekends card workshop. I really like them, and they arent that hard to make really.
The scrapbooking is a kit I got from Kaszazz. Its available at $20, uses rub ons, sticky bling and patterned paper.
I like the colour combination. I used the boys camping pics to Walhalla for it :D

Photo a day photo 11 - Where you sleep

Well Im sorry theres no pic of where I sleep. My bed isnt worthy of a photo. Its pretty tricky taking a pic anyway as there is sooo much crammed in my room.
We have a computer desk, which we dont really need anymore, but its where it is charged etc.
I have a big desk full of my craft stuff and a chest of drawers. The room isnt that big either LOL
I must say though, I dont have any trouble sleeping anywhere as long as its in a bed, oo apart from camping- cant stand it.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Photo aday day 10 - Childhood

I had a pretty good childhood. I grew up in a small town in the South of England.
I have one older brother and that being so, spent quite a bit of my childhood like a single child as he was off at college.
I went to the local primary and secondary schools, and made quite a few friends. The best ones I still have even though I am across the other side of the world, we still keep in touch.
I remember our family holidays down to the west coast. I can still smell the sea when I look at these photos. I loved it there and always looked forward to going each year.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Photo a day - Routine - day 9

Well being on Summer school hols until Feb 1st, there isnt much routine to report.
Its different every day.
During the term time though this is usually what happens with our day
Im usually up around 7am after hubby has left for work.
I wake the kids up and we all have breakfast. I always have raison toast and tea.
We have to leave the house at 8.30 am. I drop the boys at school and then head over to my work, which is another local school.
I work until 1.15 pm and then head home for lunch. If it isnt raining I then take my 3 dogs out for a walk. Back home I usually try to cram as much into my hour before collecting the boys at 3.30. Its usually house related, cleaning, washing, ironing, nothing very exciting.
The boys come home and have a snack, I prepare dinner.
Have dinner, boys do homework readers and then bed around 8/8.30.
A pretty typical day concerning the kids I guess.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Kaszazz workshop 2H870 - Rosette button 12 x12 Layout

Well here it is at last!!! Wow I dont think a workshop has taken me soooo long to complete. I must admit that I have been interrupted quite a few time, but still, it took a long time.
I think the end result is pretty good though, what do you think?

Here you can see how details the rosette is. All the folds had to be perforated with the perforated blade.

It sure was a challenge, but satisfying.
Now to start on the card workshop- phew

Photo challenge day 8 - Your Sky

Heres a pic of our sky this morning. It is raining hard but still quite humid. Yesterday it was quite sunny.
Its funny though I dont really think of it as `ours sky`, but everyones. All my friends and family are under the same sky, which makes it special to me :D

Friday, 6 January 2012

Photo day 7- Favourite

I couldnt choose one favourite so heres a selection.

My most favourite perfume. I love it. I have had a few compliments while wearing it.

Love these chocolates. Santa always puts them in my stocking. :D

This is my most favourite place to go. The scrapbooking shop. I have been known to spend a whole morning browsing here and getting inspiration.
Theres sooooo much to see :D

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photo day 6- something that makes you smile

I LOVE humorous English movies. There is something about them that really clicks with my sense of humour.
They make, me smile, giggle, chuckle, burst out laughing, and make me do that uncontrollable laugh where you cry and cant get your breath :D

The other movies that has this affect on me is
Bird on a  Wire.
I remember going to see it at the movies with my brother and being the only person there that couldnt stop laughing. I LOVE Goldie Hawn, she is just the best.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Photoday 5- Something you wore

This is one of my favourite wedding days pics.
I loved my dress and felt like a real princess just for the day :D
I got married in the Uk before we came to Australia.
It was so nice to have all my family and friends around to share in our wonderful day.
Unfortunately as I hired my dress, I dont have it here in Oz. I do have my veil though so have some mommento of my beautiful dress :D

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Photo 4- Letterbox

When I think of letterboxes, this is what I think of, the good ole British Pillarbox.
Letterboxes have always been close to my heart. Weird I know, but it used to be the only way to communicate for me.
Before computers I used to look forward to receving my mail this way. I have lived away from Ole Blighty for near on 20 years now and so this was how I kept in touch for most of that time.
When I worked in Canada, one of my duties was to collect the mail. It was a favourite part of my day, as I usually got at least one letter from friends overseas. I have some really great friends, who knew that I needed their support while I was away.
The same thing happens now, except I just have to turn on my computer and there are their messages and now photos and videos too! What technology we have now.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Photo 3-Something you adore

How could I not choose these 2 for my adore photo.
I can honestly say that I love my kids unconditonally, like many mothers.
I really have 2 most wonderful boys. They are the best of friends and hardly ever argue.
I am so blessed to have them- I know.
I have always wished I had had more but I know Im so lucky to have 2 healthy kids. :D

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Breakfast - photo 2

Stacks pancakes- The Canadien

There is a bit of a tradition in our house, that whenever it is Mothers day or Fathers day we head over to Stacks or brekkie.
We are very lucky as it is only a short walk to our local one, so Im actually surprised that we dont go more often, probably a good thing though :D
I always have the Canadian. Its pancakes with bacon and maple syrup- yummo- now dont knock until youve tried it!
I always have one of these too :D
This year my littleun, Owen got me a `Yummy Mummy` mug and he insisted that we take it along to Stacks so they could fill it with my favourite.:D
Notice the cute little heart inside the rim.

You- photo 1

This was taken quite a few years ago, but I thought it was appropriate seeing as we are in the festive season and about to take our decorations down.
No I hadnt actually been drinking, believe it or not, I was just excited as it was the first Xmas my eldest Liam understood what Xmas was all about :D

Photoaday Challenge

Now this might really be a bit of a challenge for me LOL
Im going to try though so, try and log in each day to see if I do it.
Another blogger/friend is attempting this challenge too, maybe a bit of a competition? LOL