Sunday, 8 January 2012

Photo a day - Routine - day 9

Well being on Summer school hols until Feb 1st, there isnt much routine to report.
Its different every day.
During the term time though this is usually what happens with our day
Im usually up around 7am after hubby has left for work.
I wake the kids up and we all have breakfast. I always have raison toast and tea.
We have to leave the house at 8.30 am. I drop the boys at school and then head over to my work, which is another local school.
I work until 1.15 pm and then head home for lunch. If it isnt raining I then take my 3 dogs out for a walk. Back home I usually try to cram as much into my hour before collecting the boys at 3.30. Its usually house related, cleaning, washing, ironing, nothing very exciting.
The boys come home and have a snack, I prepare dinner.
Have dinner, boys do homework readers and then bed around 8/8.30.
A pretty typical day concerning the kids I guess.

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