Friday, 5 August 2011

We have all been Harry Potter fans in our house. Even before the kids arrived Barry and I avidly collected the books and watched the movies.
Tomorrow we are both heading off to the movies to see the final episode. It should be exciting as well as sad that it has all come to an end.
My boys are well into it too, not only the Wii game, Lego or movies, but the actual books too. Liam has read the first 3 and when he finished I bought him the movie to watch.
My boys are a bit sensitive and wouldnt watch movies for a long time. They would leave the room when I sneakily put one on, not Harry Potter at that time, but something like Finding Nemo. They were just too scared. I dont know where this fear came from.
Eventually, Liam, at the ripe old age of 7 decided that movies were cool and now we are beginning to catch up with movies that other kids saw at the age of 3 LOL.
Its fun  for Barry and I though, watching them again with our kids.
Harry Potter will be alive in our house for many years to come, Im sure :D

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