Thursday, 5 July 2012

Kids craft workshop

My boys are well into Superheroes at the mo, its a very well known fact in our group of friends :D
We had them all round today for our regular holiday craft day. Its always so much fun.
I wasnt sure about his activity though. I found a really cool website that allowed me to print out the patterns for free which was fab. Things that are free are always great arent they?
I made Wonderwoman and wondered why I had attempted it. It was darn fiddly. I was worried that the kids wouldnt be able to make them and get frustrated. Well the mums all banded together and we all managed to make them as a team :D
The kids were thrilled with the outcome.
I love the fact that with Wonderwoman you could choose to add her bust or not LOL
Well I never remembered her as flat chested so boobs it was :D
Love it.
Ill post what the girls made tomorrow :D

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